Making a positive impact: What consumers want 2022

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Discover what the people of  Hong Kong expect from brands today so you can align purpose with profit.

The good news is that your brand has the power to create change.

Consumers are actively searching for and willing to spend money on products and services that do good.

How do we know? We asked Hong Kongers how they felt about social and environmental issues and put all that information into an easily digestible Impact Insights Report that outlines what people are asking of brands today.

Get your free digital Impact Insights Report now.

“Optimistic. Visually engaging. Fun. Insightful.

So easy to digest and none of that doom and gloom, critical reports other agencies do! Prism’s Impact Insights Report is so refreshing to read and left me feeling optimistic and reassured we’re on the right track towards our sustainability goals.

Biggest AHA moment came from the friends and family recommendation statistic. I didn’t realise the biggest opportunity has always been in front of us until I saw that.

- SONYA H., Marketing and Comms Executive, Landmark Hong Kong

9 in 10 people expect businesses or brands to play their part in solving big challenges like Climate Change

Will your brand be one of them?

What’s inside this report:

WHY the purpose-driven model is the better model for on-going business success

EYE-OPENING REVELATIONS about which key demographics care about which social and environmental causes

UNDERSTAND AND GET INSPIRED by what your brand needs to do in order to thrive in this revolutionary period of purposeful business

And then go BIG with these key findings:

2 out of 3 consumers would purchase something from a friend/family's recommendation

75% of consumers prefer to go on Google to find out more about a brand

… which is 20% higher than social media

Get more of these eye-opening figures in the full report.

“Enlightening. Engaging. Informative.”

After the briefing, I felt focused, empowered and clear on next steps on how to select our platforms carefully and double down on them so we can work smarter rather than harder. Great work Rosann—super insightful sharing!”

- SUE T., Executive Director, HandsOn Hong Kong

After reading the report, you’ll know how to:

Speak to different demographics and generations.

Do you know what issues concern Gen Z most, and how much brands have overlooked the Boomers demographic?

Make informed decisions about your pricing strategies.

No more playing guessing games. Get to know how much MORE people are actually willing to pay for brands that directly help to solve a social/environmental issue.

Use different marketing platforms so your budget goes further.

Does social media make you cringe But you feel like your business depends on it? We have good news for you. There are OTHER platforms out there where you can find get as much conversion if not more.

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