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Nadi Bali Eco Resort and Permaculture Cafe

Rest Play Discover with nature

Nadi Bali is a regenerative tourism business built with heart and integrity, where making a positive impact socially and environmentally flows through every vein of what they do.

Seizing the opportunity to make a direct social and environmental impact through Tourism,Nadi believes in more than net zero, but to be part of a movement that works towards net positive for all.

Eco-friendly and social building

As a social enterprise and hospitality project all wrapped in one, Nadi uses their permaculture farm and topology to educate villagers about eco-friendly farming practices and waste management.

Farm to fork

Everything served at Nadi Cafe is grown or sourced locally, ensuring the freshest produce and least carbon footprint.

Treading lightly on the earth

Nadi’s eco luxury tents are built on non-permanent structures and have minimal impact on the environment.

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SoL Sustainable Loungewear

Redefining Leisure with Eco-friendly knitwear

When people think of eco-friendly fashion, a few things come to mind - stiff fabric, bland colours, boring design. But SoL is anything but that.

Designed to be worn at home and beyond, SoL’s collections are functional, meticulously designed and come in both classic and on trend colour palettes to fit right into your wardrobe. And they not only feel good but do good, too.

Biodegradable and eco-friendly knitwear

Their Essentials are crafted from Lenzing EcoVero™ fibres, which has a smaller environmental footprint than traditional viscose.

Their Green Knits are made from a blend of 55% cotton that is responsibly produced in line with the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI) and 45% next-generation, biodegradable polyester developed by CiCLO.

Conscious production

Their collection is small, but beautiful. You won’t see them churning out endless options each season, as their objective is to reduce textile waste and create only what they consider essential.

From their choice of eco-friendly fabric to our packaging and decision to go against the grain with smaller releases, SoL is committed to conscious creation and responsible production.

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Beams Collective

Imagining a world where everyone can be a champion for our bodies and our earth.

Beams co. is a functional wellness lifestyle brand that harnesses the power of mushrooms. They believe the best things for your body should come from whole, natural, and responsibly sourced ingredients. Taking basic ingredients to amplify everyday products.

100% compostable coffee capsules

The founders of Beams Collective looked extensively for a coffee capsule that minimises waste. They finally settled on a capsule body that is made from sugarcane and a rice paper covering instead of the standard foil.

Eco-friendly packaging boxes made from untreated paper and printed with soy ink

It was clear from the start that Beams’ priority of eco-friendliness penetrated all areas of the business. Untreated paper makes their packaging boxes easy to recycle (though they have been designed to become coffee table additions!) and soy ink (made from soy oil) is a sustainably farmed and biodegradable natural product. Hear this – it degrades four times faster than conventional petroleum-based inks!

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