A Brand is not a Logo


A brand is not a logo. It is about winning hearts. It is a reaction to how we think, see and feel about ourselves. Brands can be incredibly impactful communication tools.

For example, Nike’s iconic swoosh logo was designed in 1971 for US$35. They are now valued at US$7.5 billion. What has brought the most value to Nike is how they’ve built their empire by daring the everyday person to dream the crazy impossible:



Dream Crazy.

– These are Nike’s promise to you.

So while a logo is important for any Brand to identify and differentiate themselves, a brand doesn’t serve any purpose if it doesn’t know what it stands for (values) and who it’s out there to serve (tribe).

The 3 fundamentals

To break it down, a Brand is made up of 3 fundamental pillars:

1. Your logo

2. Your values

3. Your tribe

As starters, here are four simple questions you could ask yourself about your Brand to identify how you too, could create a Brand that makes waves:

What’s your story?

Retrace your steps to the beginning. Was there an incident that ignited your fire, or a revelation that came to you while travelling? Be as specific as possible, sometimes the gems are discovered in what seem like the most mundane details.

What impact do you wish to make?

Imagine you are writing your Brand’s obituary. What would you be remembered for?

Who are you here to serve?

Start by thinking about a certain demographic, for example gender, age, occupation and stage in life. Then consider what their values are, for example, are they eco-conscious, advocates for gender equality, have a passion for helping their community?

What challenges are they facing, and how can you help them?

As a business owner, you are also a problem solver. What motivates you to make a difference to people’s lives?

We identify ourselves with the brands that touch our hearts.

A brand inspires us to reach our full potential. Whether it’s smashing your next marathon record (Nike). Igniting your love for photography (Canon). Inspiring confidence from the inside out (SKII).

Essentially, a brand is made up of values that people resonate with and identify with. Give those questions a go and let us know how you get on with them!

Rosann Ling