K for Kids

Hong Kong
Brand Strategy

For foster children, the world can feel bound within the walls of their circumstances

For many foster children, the world and their future can feel bound within the walls of the circumstance they were born into. K for Kids is here to break that self-limiting mindset and show them that they, too, are worthy of a bright future ahead through creativity.

Bringing happiness and a positive impact.

K for Kids is a non-profit social impact organisation that believes that children need creativity in order to learn new skills and thrive. The K for Kids curriculum provides psychological needs of belonging, self esteem and love for children to achieve their full potential. Established in 2016, K for Kids was ready for their new stage of growth. Through brainstorming sessions and interviews, we’ve dedicated our time to talk with our stakeholders and volunteers to strategise their way forward.

“Thank you Rosann for helping us define K for Kids to truly reflect who we are today and where we want to be in the future. Working with you was such an enjoyable experience ❤️” — Kaye Dong CEO, K for Kids Foundation

Since re-aligning K for Kids’ brand strategy, the organisation has successfully refreshed their entire identity to align with their brave new vision.


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