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Ikigai is a brand that doesn’t aim to be just another yoga studio.

Ikigai is a brand that doesn’t aim to be just another yoga studio. Its gender neutral branding, daring signature red colour and guiding voice in meditation and movement has led it to become one of the leading boutique studios in Hong Kong in just a year after its opening.

Finding effortless flow.

In the last five years, Hong Kong’s health and wellness market has truly boomed, being one of the fastest growing regions in Asia-Pacific. We went beyond creating a brand, designing the experience of Ikigai itself. The signature red flows through all touchpoints of the brand, from social media, to print media, to the space. Ikigai has quickly become known to do things differently.

Ikigai is a Japanese concept meaning “a reason for being".

We believe the practice of mindful movement activities and comprehensive health, wellness, fitness and lifestyle experiences are essential modalities that help people find their “reason for being”.

“The branding experience aided in a lot of our company ethos and copywrite communication to our audience. It was a strong foundation upon to build with and elevated the way I do business. You'd be a fool not to work with Prism Creative. ” GIANNI MELWANI Co-Founder, Ikigai

Ikigai has been featured in Liv Magazine, Sassy, Tatler. They have successfully secured opened a new studio in Central just twelve months after launching its first studio in Tsim Sha Tsui, despite the difficulties the wellness sector has been facing during the pandemic.


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