Ant Bank

Hong Kong
Brand Strategy

Entrepreneurship, financial inclusivity and a humble attitude.

Establishing the positioning of Ant Bank Hong Kong that brings an emotional connection with the people and at the same time reflects Alibaba’s DNA: Entrepreneurship, financial inclusivity and a humble attitude.

Leading with heart.

Through our customer survey research, it was clear that Hong Kong lacked a dominant player in the digital banking field. Even the most popular apps brought common pain points, leaving a bad customer experience. Banks continued to feel like big corporate companies with no empathy or intention to make our lives easier. The people of Hong Kong were just not happy with what’s already out there.

We set out to use transparency and emotional connection as a key tool in our messaging. Speaking straight to the people’s hearts.

Ant Bank's modest attitude, openness to learning and passion to become a part of the Hong Kong community captured the attention of the media in a positive way.


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